Tuesday, January 6, 2015



Seasonal dry skin is very common. The cold, dry and windy weather is usually to blame. However, long-term use of central heating as well as low humidity level inside our homes can draw the moisture from your skin.

What to do?

Always keep you skin protected by using a rich moisturizer. As soon as you get out of the shower apply a body moisturizer. In the summer time, you may use a body lotion. In the winter time it would be preferable to use a body cream. This product will be thicker in texture and it’s formula will be richer. It will offer you more moisture and better protection.

Stop using soaps in the shower. Instead, use a shower cream. They will be less dehydrating and your skin will feel softer.

For the face: Make sure you have a gentle facial cleanser. Stay away from gels and soaps. Use a cleansing milk or cream.

You also need to moisturize and protect. Make sure your facial cream is rich enough and adapted to your skin type. To help you find the best product for your needs, consult an esthetician. She will analyse your skin and recommend the right product for you. People often think they will save money by buying an over the counter product  only to quickly realize it’s not doing the job and they end up buying something else. No economy there and quite a waste of time.

You may also consider using a humidifier at night. This will make a big difference for your skin and also your respiratory system.

Finally remember, to drink plenty of water and to bundle up.

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